Friday, March 30, 2012

A little more about us...

Age: 26
My story in fifty words or less: Chicago girl. Middle child. Family of five. Loves of my life. Went to Yale. Met a boy. Fell in love. Graduated. Taught third grade. Married boy.  Left teaching. Worked in business.  Sucked my soul. Quit. Going back to school.  Lucky. Loved. Happy.  
Occupation: Working on my Master's in Social Work
Lives in Brooklyn with: My sweet husband and the best. dog. ever.
Moved to NY in: 2009
Words that describe me: Quirky, tall, talkative, empathetic, pretty awesome.
Favorite piece of furniture in my house: Our vintage dresser/buffet (yep, bras in my dining room)
My design style: I don’t know the word for it, but I love a space that has lots of special touches but is still totally “liveable.”  I like yummy fabrics, nail heads, wood beams, marble, big tables, gold accessories, antique mirrors and anything gray.
What I love most about my sister, Sarah: That despite her toughness, she is one of the most sensitive, caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. 

Age: 29
My story in 50 words or less: Midwest born and raised.  Left home for Stanford. Graduated and moved right back to Chicago. Left again for Penn. Adopted a badass Pekingese. Married my college crush. Moved back home again. Bought a house. Fixed it up. Found out I was pregnant. Moved to Brooklyn a week later. Love Brooklyn.
Occupation: transitioning from earning my PhD to being a stay-at-home mom!
Lives in Brooklyn with: my main men, Devin (my husband) and Bruce (my badass Peke)
Moved to Brooklyn in: 2011
Words that describe me: independent. creative. stubborn. smart. fun-loving. visual. harsh. big-picture. caring. chill. oblivious. happy. artistic. short-winded.
Favorite piece of furniture in my house: this amazing reclaimed wood table that my mom found at a flea market ages ago.  It’s a little too big to be a side table and a little too small to be a console table, but it’s perfectly quirky so it can serve as either.  It brings so much character into any room!
My design style: I like rooms that feel homey but styled.  I love vintage furniture, refinished or not, plush carpets over hardwood floors, neutral tones with pops of color, mirrors, nail heads, and original artwork.  I hate the term shabby-chic.  A room can be lived-in without being shabby.
What I love most about my sister, Julie: Her bright spirit.  Julie lights up whatever room she walks into with her infectious enthusiasm, her ridiculous sense of humor, her eye-opening insights, her creative mind, her selflessness, and her intellect. She’s just fun to be around.

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