Saturday, November 10, 2012

Large Scale Botanical Prints

We're always on the hunt for great art for our apartments.  Even though we have different taste in art, botanical prints are a definite favorite for both of us.  The bigger, the better in our opinion, so when we saw these large scale, black botanical prints we were instantly in love. We think every room needs a little bit of black, and love the contrast of it with the bright colors in the botanicals:

via House to Home

via Martha Stewart

via Pure Style Home

via Making It Lovely

Love the look? The Evolution Store has some beautiful prints, but they're not cheap (about $200 each). So imagine our glee when we stumbled upon this beauty at IKEA! At 36"x47" and unframed (we prefer this look with large scale botanicals), we think it's just about perfect.  Did we mention that it's only $19.99? We'll take a second and let that sink in.

It's safe to say that we're both frantically trying to find empty wall space in our apartments to hang this sucker.  We think it'd look great in a kitchen, living room, or guest room, but also love the bold pop it creates when used in a simple vignette, as in the space below:

source unknown

So much pretty we can barely stand it.  Is large scale not your thing?  At just $20, this book is full of smaller versions that you could easily frame.  We'd love to see a few of them hung together behind a bedside table.

Regardless of where you hang these prints or what size you choose, we don't really think you can go wrong with this look.  Happy Saturday!


  1. can i put it in a room that has no other black in it? i need something over our bed. maybe two of them?

  2. it's probably too big for over your bed, but a few from the book would look great. just make sure that at least one of the colors from the prints is reflected somewhere else in the room!


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