Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sarah's Hallway: Leopard Rug Part 2

We first posted about our love for leopard rugs here.  We actually didn't end up getting the rug for Julie's dining room, as we've changed a few things around in that room and aren't sure leopard is the best choice.  BUT, we do have some changes in mind for Sarah's hallway and are planning on using a leopard runner.

Here's the hallway on move-in day.  Not much has changed since then, although Sarah has added a photo gallery to the large wall on the left:

Because it's a rental, the light fixtures have to stay, but we've got license to paint.

Option #1 for the hallway is:

The walls would be painted in one of our all-time favorite blues, DKC-29 by Donald Kaufman.  The runner is from Overstock and is a total steal-- we love that the spots aren't too literal.  Sarah has some baby/wedding pictures in her hallway that we'd put in red frames.  We think the white mats compliment the lighting.

Option #2 is:

The rug is the same that we wrote about in our previous leopard rug post (though the runner is only sold at Rugs USA) and the wall color is Coral Bells by Benjamin Moore.  Frames would stay neutral in gold, silver, or white.  This look might flow a bit better with the look of Sarah's living room.

We are also considering leaving the walls white and using chunky gold frames for Sarah's gallery, like in this photo:

So...we need your advice! Should we go with option 1, 2, or 3 (or do you have a better idea for option 4)?


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