Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sarah's LA Apartment: Thinking about Daybeds

As we start to think about and hunt for a new apartment in LA for Sarah and her family, we've been thinking a lot about guest rooms.  Because Julie is in NYC and our parents are in Chicago, Sarah will definitely need a space to house her monthly guests.  But with a growing family and crazy LA rent prices, we're thinking creatively about how to fit a guest space into Sarah's apartment without sacrificing play/work space for her family during the time that they don't have guests in town (which is sure to be absolutely never).

This is where a daybed comes in.  If you're anything like us, when you think of a daybed you imagine the daybed your friend had in 1992 which looked shockingly similar to this:

We get it.  But with new, stylish options out there in terms of daybeds, they are actually the perfect solution to creating a multifunctional guest space.  Check out the two amazing options we're considering for Sarah's apartment.  They'll allow us to create a comfy sleeping space for guests, but will keep the room looking like an office and/or playroom when guests aren't in town:

First up is this tufted beauty from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child:

We also love this daybed from Ballard Designs, which can be customized in tons of different fabric options.  This option also has a trundle, which is great for multiple guests:

The plan is to use the daybed as a couch when it's not in use.  A more affordable option that we're considering is this daybed from Ikea:

If we went with this option, we'd get a custom slipcover made for the mattress and would also have large pillows made in the same fabric to line the back of the daybed.  This way, it will still look like seating when it's not being used for guests.  We think the frame on this daybed is the perfect starting point to create the look of a built-in on the cheap.

We're waiting to see what the apartment looks like before we choose the daybed, so in the meantime, we're pulling inspiration from others who've used daybeds in oh-so-stylish ways:

Have any of you used daybeds in your own homes?  Do you have a favorite from the 3 we're debating between?  We'd love to hear from you!


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