Monday, February 18, 2013

Ikea Bedding Roundup

When we're working on a redesigning a bedroom, we always put a lot of focus on the bed and bedding.  We think headboards and layered bedding are the "crown jewels" in any well-designed bedroom.  Headboards can help you pull together the color story of the room, while bedding adds lightness and texture.  We like to stick with all-white bedding-- because the bed is often the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, and takes up the most visual space, using light bedding helps keep the room from feeling weighted down by the bed.

Ikea actually has some fantastic bedding options.  Because their bedding is really affordable (most queen bedding is only $39.99 for a duvet and shams), you can create a beautiful, layered bed without breaking the bank. 

Our all-time favorite Ikea bedding is the Alvine Stra.  We love the clean, tailored lines and that it works with just about any style.  It is simple enough to go with even the busiest of headboards, but still makes a statement:

The Farglav bedding  reminds us so much of Jenna Lyons' red Olatz bedding:

 The Linblomma bedding is a bit more expensive at $79.99 for a queen, but we love the knot detail and that it's 100% linen:

We'd layer the Ofelia Vass bedding with the Linblomma from above-- it would look great folded at the end of the bed:

For kids' rooms, these are our favorite picks:

We think the Bjornloka bedding is a great option for a boy or a girl, and love that it comes in red or gray (full disclosure, we'd use this bedding in an adult or teen bedroom, as well):

Wouldn't the red Bjornloka shams look great layered with the Birgit duvet for a little girl's room?

We love the sweet dots of the Ikea PS 2012 duvet, which comes in natural or white:

Feeling inspired? We're doing a roundup of our favorite headboards later this week, so stay tuned!


  1. what do you think about white for staging our condo showings? would it give the buyer any illusions of something positive? every little bit helps!

  2. We think white is a great idea! It will look clean and bright--two of the main things buyers are looking for in a condo!


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