Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sarah's Living Room: Rug Problems, Solved

That's right, my living room rug nightmare has come to an end.  And what a sweet end it is!  After a failed trip to the Bloomingdale's rug sale (yes, $9K for a $37K rug is a great deal...and when we have an extra nine grand lying around we'll let you know) and countless hours scouring the internet for rugs, we ended up back where we

Overstock has about a billion rugs available, so we set to work throwing together Olioboards that would show us how different options would look in the space.  A few contenders:

We liked the third option but weren't super excited about it because I already have a very similar rug. We still weren't quite sure what we were looking for, but when we saw this beauty we were pretty sure we had found it.


It's a hand-knotted, 100% wool, imported Safavieh rug. It's also fair trade, ships carbon neutral, and comes with a somewhat unsettling guarantee that no child labor was used in its making. We love how the two-tone color scheme modernizes the traditional pattern. 

We dropped it into an Olioboard and--hooray!--my new living room was born.

The rug arrived in no time and we absolutely adore it.  It's beautiful, soft, doesn't show stains, and, most importantly, DOESN'T SHED.  We soon discovered, however, that solving a rug problem means creating an ottoman/side table problem.  More on that, and pictures of the room, to come!


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