Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sarah's Living Room: Rug Problems

I love a wool rug.  I especially love a beautiful, thick, soft, stylish wool rug.  So when I found my current living room rug, I thought I'd found true love.

You know how you're not supposed to live with someone until you're sure you want to commit to them?  Because it's really ugly to break up and then either have to continue living together or figure out how to break your lease?  Yeah, well I'm ready to kick this loser of a rug to the curb.  I'm so mad that I ever let it move in.

Here's why:

This is my leg after two minutes kneeling on the rug.  Now picture this strewn across my entire house, no matter how many times I vacuum.  I understand that wool rugs shed.  I have two other wool rugs that shed.  This rug takes shedding to unprecedented levels.  Enough is enough.

So I have begun the search for a new love.  There are so many fun trends in rugs right now that I'm not sure which way to go.  Here are some of our favorite current styles:

  • Layered rugs (we particularly adore the look of a jute or sisal rug underneath a more colorful kilim or dhurrie rug):

  • Bold patterns like chevron or stripes:

  • Natural fiber rugs (without layering):

  • Moroccan or moroccan-inspired rugs (and yes I want a striped floor now):

  • Ikat and other boho-chic rugs (did you see Solange Knowles's bedroom rug in Elle? Perfection.):

  • And traditional rugs used in unexpected ways/places:

Needless to say, I am overwhelmed by my options.  I brought up the idea of buying two rugs and layering them and Devin's head almost exploded.  Maybe after reading this post he'll start picking up what I'm putting down.

Do you have a favorite rug trend?  Opinions about what might look best in my room?

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