Monday, August 13, 2012

Anthropologie Vase and Ginger Jar Love

We really think that Anthropologie has some kind of force field outside of it that pulls you inside whenever you walk by.  We never have any intention of going in, but we always do.  And once we're in's on.

On our latest forced trip, I (Julie) picked up this vase:

I loved the sentiment, the size (it's pretty small-- only 7" high), and the colors.  Right now, it's on my coffee table and is filled with hypericum berries. I love the contrast of the red berries against the blue and white vase, like in this photo from Anthropologie's website:

Love.  Even though faux plants aren't my thing, I'm thinking of picking up some fake hypericum berries to keep in the vase always.  Do you love the "let them eat cake" vase? I almost picked it up for my dining room, but resisted.

The colors of the vase remind us of ginger jars.  Yes, your grandma had them in her kitchen in the 1950s, but trust us...they're making a mean comeback and we (and grandmas everywhere) are loving it.  They work with just about any decor style, from sleek and modern to traditional or coastal. They also offer a ton of versatility-- take off the lid and turn it into a vase, use smaller jars on bookshelves as book ends...lots of possibilities with these things.

via Lonny

via Little Green Notebook

via Marcus Design Blog

via Traditional Home
 We also love that designers are taking the "feel" of ginger jars and infusing this into their work.  We've seen this inspiration in lamps, fabric, and color schemes.

Inspired?  We like the idea of picking up vintage ginger jars at your local flea market, but if you want the look without the hunt, these are some options we love:

C Wonder sells both traditional ginger jars and a more modern set (both are priced really reasonably):

Bellacor has a variety of options, including this lamp:

Ethan Allen sells bowls, jars, and platters, including this stunner:

So much blue and white goodness.  We hope to score some vintage jars at the flea market this weekend for Sarah's living room.  We'll be sure to share anything we find!


  1. what is the relation to actual ginger? why that shape? my grandma and mom definitely had those!

    1. as far as we know, they were traditionally used to hold spices, including ginger! don't know why that shape, though...


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