Friday, August 10, 2012

Julie's Living Room: TV Wall Art Gallery

Our living room only has three walls, as it is open to our dining room.  One of these walls is taken up by windows, the other by our coach/end tables, and the other by our TV.  I wanted to do something to the wall that holds the TV, because right now it's feeling like the massive TV is a focal point in the room.

Told you so. It's bad.

I thought about adding taller bookshelves to either side of the TV stand to add some visual interest, like in this image from Lonny, but I was worried it might look cluttered in such a small room.  If we had a bigger space, I think this is definitely the route I'd go.

Instead, I'm toying with the idea of putting together a gallery to surround the TV, like in Jenny's Tribeca living room:

My hope is that the gallery will help the TV blend just a little bit.  Here's some more TV gallery wall inspiration:

Because our room already has a good amount of color, I'm hoping to keep the frames and art pretty neutral, like in this space:

Because we won't be mounting the TV in our rental, I'll need to layer some frames behind the TV like in Jenny's living room. I've started collecting some frames we have around the house, and am planning to pick up some of my favorite cheap frames this weekend.

I love the Ikea Ribba frames, as they come in a variety of sizes/finishes...

...and Target's Room Essentials frame (as seen in my DIY bathroom art).

The plan is to feature a mix of photography, DIY, and vintage flea market finds.  I'm excited to get started!

Do you have any creative solutions for designing around your TV?

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