Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gender-Neutral Baby Prep

When I got pregnant, Devin and I were unsure about whether we wanted to find out the baby’s sex.  Dev was leaning toward keeping it a surprise and, after slight pressure from two of my best friends (Marianne and Lin, I'm looking at you), I thought: why not?  Although I almost cracked at our 20-week ultrasound, we still don’t know if Baby G is a he or a she.  And we’ve had so much fun keeping everyone guessing! 

The biggest problem with not finding out the sex is that I hate hate hate the typical gender-neutral options for clothes and decorating.  Luckily, JCrew came out with the cutest (and softest!) onesies, which at least gave me something for Baby G to wear home from the hospital. 

I wanted to be able to “girl” it up a little, just in case, so I also got this baby beanie from Etsy with a removable flower.  It’s 100% cotton and so well made…Charmaine at Kookstickers did an amazing job.

For the nursery, I wanted to stay away from the awful yellow/green color combo that is usually the fate of gender-neutral baby spaces. Instead, I was inspired by the design of C. Wonder, a store in SoHo that Julie and I LOVE.  The use of navy and lime green, bold pattern, and bright accents seemed like the perfect way to go gender-neutral without going design-neutral.

My plan is to add coral accents if it’s a girl and orange accents if it’s a boy.  For now, I’ve stuck to navy, lime, white, and gold.  I've tried to mix masculine and feminine elements, rather than staying away from either extreme.  Using Olioboard, Julie and I put together these inspiration boards, which start from the same basic pieces but then add gendered accessories:  

I can't wait to accessorize the room!  Pictures are on the way soon.  Spoiler alert: Gilbert Gottfried is involved in the making of this nursery. 


  1. LOVE THIS! I too am NOT a fan of the normal gender neutral hideousness that is out there! Grant wore red stripes home from the hospital as well! I love Jcrew's adorable collection!

  2. Lin and I were just reading this as our girls are playing and WE MISS YOU! Love the striped outfit and the removable flower. So cute!

  3. Krystal - Thank you! I love that Grant wore red stripes, too!
    Marianne and Lin - I miss you, too!

  4. Can't wait to see Baby G in that adorable outfit!

  5. I tried like 3x to post a comment last week (I think NATO was hijacking our net) I love Baby G's nursery! Dying to know why Gilbert Gottfried is involved. Also, didn't know that J.Crew had baby stuff. So cute! That precious little babe is gonna be here SOOOO soon!!!


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