Saturday, May 19, 2012

Julie's Master Bedroom: Before

Aside from our guest bedroom, our master bedroom is the most neglected room in our house.  We’ve bought a few great items for the room, but nothing has ever pulled the room together. Over the next few weeks, we’ll hopefully update the room and make it somewhere we actually want to spend time. Right now, our room looks like this:

We really need curtains, art on the walls, and…a bigger bed.  That’s right, my husband and I are both really tall and we are sharing an itty, bitty bed.  When I finally convinced him that we needed a king sized bed, I started to think about new bedding and a new headboard or bed frame.  Even though I’ve loved the shape and look of our Nate Berkus Wrap Headboard, it is a bit wobbly.  The wobbling has gotten so bad that we’ve resorted to stuffing my husband’s t-shirts behind the bed when we sleep so we don't wake up when the other rolls over.  In actuality, this set-up just makes us look like complete creep shows.  

So, this time around we’ll be going with an entire bed frame.  I think we’ve finally decided on the one we love most…Pottery Barn’s Raleigh upholstered bed.

This picture was my inspiration for bedding in our room.  Our walls are a light blue/gray color and I love the pop of red that the folded duvet brings to this space.

The bedding we have now is Rosette bedding from Anthropologie and was my first departure from all-white bedding.  While this bedding is fun (and SO comfy), I’m ready to go back to classic white.  In my dreams, I have Matouk bedding.  Just look at this gorgeousness:

Instead, we’ll be going with something simple (and by simple I mean cheaper)-- possibly with our monogram, like this bedding from Lands' End (it will be all-white/neutral, unlike this picture):

While I’d love the white linens to have a little pop of color, we’ll get color through throw pillows instead.  That way, when my ADD starts acting up, I can just swap out the pillows.  I bought this long bolster pillow from Pottery Barn on sale for $11.99 (now sold out). 

I love the classic Ikat print and think it will look great with the blue-grays we have throughout our room, like in this rug from Overstock:

I can't wait to give this room some love and attention.  It really is embarrassing that I have spent more time thinking about our dining room than I have the one space that is supposed to be our escape at the end of our hectic days.  What about your master bedroom your most neglected space?


  1. yeah we still have the bed in a bag that i bought for shaun when he bought the condo 4 years ago! i can't bring myself to update it until we finally get a king sized bed, too!

  2. Forget the master; get the guest room ready for me!


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