Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Weekend: Flea Market Finds

One of our favorite warm weather activities is to check out local flea markets for any furniture or other home goodies.  While it's great that flea markets offer us the chance to buy these things at lower prices...we don't exactly have enough space for all the things we'd love to take home with us.  These are some of the pieces we saw this weekend that got our heart rates up, but that we had to leave behind.

This pink couch was our absolute favorite piece of the day.  It had a second piece, which made it more of a sectional, but didn't get a picture of it because two people were sitting on it.  We gave them the stink eye but they didn't move.

Here's a close-up of the yummy fabric:

Off the bat, a pink couch might seem like something that only belongs in an eclectic space, but we love the unexpected pop of color that it could lend to a more traditional space.

This gold mirror was only $22!  It could use a touch up with some gold paint or spray paint, and would would look amazing over a bathroom vanity.

These vintage nightstands had great shape and leather on top.  We hope that whoever bought them heard them calling out for creamy white paint and gold hardware.

This peach, tufted chair almost came home with me.  I think it would have been great in our master bedroom, but the husband was not a huge fan.  Not gonna lie, at only $85 (before batting my lashes) and with the upholstery in perfect condition, leaving this one behind was a little traumatic.

We thought this copper tub would look fabulous as a storage container for baby toys, cozy blankets, magazines, fire wood, etc.  It needed a good polish, but at only $40 it was quite the steal.

We try to only buy pieces that we really need, but occasionally furniture hoarding is necessary.  It just is.  I ended up bringing home a beautiful, serpentine chest from the 1920s.  It's got lovely detail and is in really great shape.  For now, it will be used by our guests but (full disclosure) I have changing table plans for it in the future.  As I said, furniture hoarding is sometimes necessary.  Like when you're not pregnant but you know that, whenever you are, you don't want an ugly changing table.

Because Sarah is pregnant and I'm weak, our husbands schlepped it home for us.  With the NBA Finals on, it was exactly what they wanted to do with their weekend.  You're welcome.

Right now, the dresser is waiting on a  good clean.  Pictures to come!

We always seem to have luck at the flea market, although we tend to find a lot of things we aren't currently looking for.  All in all, flea markets are great places to find some fabulous pieces (for less) that we can customize for our individual spaces.  We think they're especially great for apartment dwellers who don't want to make a huge monetary commitment but still want style.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

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  1. Can we get a shot of the guest dresser / changing table after you clean it? Want to see how it turned out!


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